Monday, January 2, 2017

Vacation about over and time to get back into the game

What would you like seen tested?
By Specialist_AKA_Specs

My vacation this last 10 days has been pretty relaxing, but it is time to get around to playing Battle Pirates again. With that in mind, I am hoping we get a preview server this week, and I can test some builds for the coming raid. I think I would have time to test four builds. So, First build will be my current Centurion build.

The second build I will be testing is my Cannoneer build. It will not be a full build but a few Drac Arbalest, a PAC and then 2x armor. The issue I have with this build is that it is already at max weight. Would you like to see one with an engine and one with the Drum Loader from the FM?

That leaves at least two builds that I can test in the preview if we happen to get lucky this week. What would like to see? Please share the build ideas below and I will at the minimum share them in an article and hopefully video of them after the Preview is over (If I am allowed).
I will try to build as many different ideas as we can come up with this week.

Hope everyone had a great start to the New Year and had a wonderful holiday week.


  1. Is it a good idea to refit punishers, will it worth it ? as they too belongs to Siege class hulls

  2. They can still be a great Tank, they can also do the mines and while they do not have splash reduction of the Centurions You could make them able to do some of the lower raid targets (Tier 4 I think) and I can test it come the preview if we get one.


    Swapping out Siege Battery III for Drum Reloader. TBH at fully ranked the reload bonus seems marginal and damage not much different - but we lose the Tower Defence Bonus. When we get Conqueror Hulls Tier 6 with 6 slots there might be a place for Drum Reloader - but until then?? :-)

    1. Yeah I am playing around with theories now where that drumloader is concerned. I am not sure I want to give up Siege Battery 3, I am thinking maybe engine as the Cannoneer has good Combat speed.

      With a preview of the targets I will be able to test the difference. :)

      Thank you for the build idea

    2. The only issue I have to giving up engine is that speed seems to be really important in builds lately. The days of the lumbering DNX's or Zerk's seems to be long gone and the importance of being able to get into range quickly of turrets that have double your range. Firepower once you are in range hasn't seemed lacking(yet), so I'm wondering whether giving up speed would even be an option.

    3. We will get to see the targets Thursday, so we will have our answers on that :) I do agree that speed seems to be important as of late.