Wednesday, January 4, 2017

IronClad and Mauser Make a Splash!

And a Second Harlock TideSeeker? Yes! Please!

By Specialist_AKA_Specs
I say take the thing home and worship it! It resembles nothing on the earth, or in the seas or in the skies, so you can't be accused of idolatry.

Today we got to see the much-anticipated IronClad and Mauser Cannon. These two prizes have been the source of much discussion since it was announced that we would have Siege targets for January Event. The Mauser for the update to the current cannons we have, and the IronClad because it has been billed as the TideSeeker for the Siege Targets. Along with these two much-discussed pieces to our arsenal, we have a chance at a second Harlock Tideseeker and an upgrade to our cannon systems. Overall this update was a very exciting one for me as a player.

The IronClad is the hull that will mimic the TIdeseeker for the current raid set to start January 12, 2017. That means it will be auto Tier 4 targets for a coin cost.  This TLC is one that you are going to want to attempt to do if your goal is to auto the raids. The Mauser cannon is a must pick up and matches perfectly with the Cannoneer and The IronClad. The only question we have is Nuclear Accelerator or the Cannon System IV?


I will build the Ironclad for testing purposes, my Tide fleet could do Tier 6 by the end of the event on auto, and I suspect that I can reduplicate that success with this fleet.

If we look at the hull a bit closer, we will see that it has all that we expect from a siege class hull. The biggest positive I see is the splash bonus. That will help with taking out the cluster of buildings. Other than the bonus to resistance at max stack, reload and damage will help with auto hitting the targets. The biggest negative I see is the range boost at 30% it will be below the 100 range of the Cannoneer. We saw how important the max range was in the last raid series where you hit the sweet spot for 0 damage or 30 minutes for just inching too close. I fear this will be the same with this hull compared to the Cannoneer.

That is probably why it has 100% stun resistance, and we should expect something to stun our ships while we are attacking these targets. And why this hull is being billed as our Auto hull. 

Mauser vs. Draconian Arbalest/Arbalest vs. Particle Accelerator Cannon

This Mauser cannon is a thing of beauty. Paired with the 200% splash bonus on the Ironclad this cannon will shine. The Arbalest could out DPS it in some instances on single target I think, and this will require some testing. But, I think on the IronClad you would want most of these and maybe one or two Particle Accelerator Cannons for the special it delivers to knock out clusters fast. My sweet spot seems to be 10 PAC per fleet.

By comparing the cannons, the Mauser is king taking out buildings then in order;

  • Arbalest
  • Crossbow III
  • Railgun D-110
  • PAC
PAC if you can get the special to go off is nice, but we cannot count on that reliably. I would go for a mix in this case.

I am not sure I will put this on my Current Cannoneer as I am using arbalest and PAC so while I will not be best in the show, the Cannoneer does not have the bonus to splash to make this cannon shine in my opinion. Therefore I will not be spending time in refitting before the raid.

Cannon System IV vs. Nuclear Accelerator

The Cannon System IV tops the Nuclear Accelerator in every way in my honest opinion for the Mauser. It boosts splash, it matches range and increases damage. It is also lighter by 11%. To bad we cannot match it with drum loaders, that would be an excellent combination.

I enjoy the zooming around the map as much as anyone. But, If you get this special then I would definitely go with this over the Nuclear Accelerator. Mostly because in my current build on even the cannoneer I am at max weight without full armor or weapons.

Grab the Harlock Tideseeker

If you have tideseekers you will want to attempt to get the Harlock Tideseeker this time too. It will boost that fleet of three to four tides to be able to auto the level 75 reaver armadas for hours ( was able to go 2 hours and still not have to repair) allowing you the ability to gain Uranium for a days worth of repairs while at work or sleeping.

Bug Fixes -

I could not finish the article without at least mentioning these as one fix was something that was most aggravating for the last week or so.
  • Corrected an issue with the calculations being done to determine the movement speed of fleets on the world map. This should address a problem where fleets would appear to reach their destination, then jump back a certain distance and continue traveling to the target.

  • Cleaned up some additional cases where stats were incorrectly showing both a plus and minus sign ahead of the bonus value.
While we do not have a fix to the diagonal land tiles yet, we at least got the map speed fixed and of course the confusing +/- signs on some blueprints.


  1. So what are your thoughts if you were at the stage of adding weapons. Would you put the mauser on the canoneer??

    1. I am looking forward to the preview that was moved from Thursday to Friday. If you want an answer right now I would say the Arbalest with PAC or EarthShaker will do for this raid and you can refit later.

      If you are a coiner and do not mind that we might see yet another cannon for the raid that fits the cannoneer better (we do not know yet and they have given us a few different choices for these raids this last year). I would go with no more than 3 or 4 Mausers as they are better over all on paper than the Arbs or anything else we have.

      Personally, I am taking a wait and see approach until I see the preview. I would rather not coin a refit this week, only to have to refit again and waste that money.

  2. Would love to see your Harlock Tideseeker/Tideseeker fleet build where you say 75 Reavers can be done on auto "for hours" and not require a repair. I have a well-configured fleet and as a test i tried to auto a 75 (95% concussive, 89% explosive defense). While it did destroy the target, i was given 5 coin damage for my effort. Tides are expensive to repair compared to Hellwraiths.

    1. the build I use is located here on the blog, you can search it out with the term tideseeker.

  3. i hope antipode launchers work in next raid ..i got a punisher fleet already built and don't want to refit them .I built a cent with pacs and arbs but wasn't impressed takes ages to kill anything in the 95/97 mines

    1. My centurion fleets can kill quite a few 97 (can get almost 900K parts before repairs) so would be interested in what you have for a build. I use PAC mostly with 2 arbs.

      As far as Antipode go? Not sure yet it would not surprise me if they give them good defenses against that and mortars. I hope they do not, as many will be in your same shoes without time to have built a proper ballistic fleet.

  4. Spec's do you think that abusing the 2 min cooldown on the PAC's ultimate blast might be the way to go (ie. waiting two minutes before walking into range with one ship, then blowing the closest platform out of the water, rinse, repeat)? I don't think that they'd actually make it so that PAC's can't kill it with a group of the blasts.

    1. The turrets had lots of health, if you watch my video I think you will see the platforms stood up pretty nicely. Also you have the center turret that launches Radioactive fletchets at you and those hurt. So you would have to sit far enough away to not be touched while charging.

      It could not hurt of course, that blast is quite nice. And we might get a tuning of the targets after they read the feedback.

  5. I used tokens to build a single ironclad with 6 mausers and 4 PACs and rank it to 72%. I've been using to auto level 97 mines for maybe 20 minutes of damage. The Mauser shells travel faster, so it doesn't seem like the PAC isn't doing much damage. I'm not convinced that mixing the PAC with the Mauser is very effective.

    1. I like 1 or 2 PAC for that blast, but I do agree with you after the preview that it might not be as effective in the raid. Just not sure I want to coin or tie p shipyard for those refits.