Monday, December 12, 2016

What are my Priorities after Outpost 9?

Life after that major upgrade

By Specialist_AkA_Specs

The questions this weekend centered more on what to do after the outpost is upgraded. If you were like many others and just rushed out to upgrade it is understandable why you would have these questions now. I am one of those that started my upgrade as soon as I could, mostly because I do not want to stop after I start upgrading to wait two weeks for it to finish. I was hoping to have my dock upgraded to level 13 for the raid as well. Not that I need it, but because a refit I have an idea for needed it. Some did it because they wanted to get those really cool looking outpost map graphics. Whatever the reason there should be a path forward and a priority on what to build to help get your base back into the non-farm territory. Hopefully, you chose the faction that best works with your current turret layout.

Outpost 9 the massive increase in health

At 3 million health this is a huge upgrade to base health. If we put this into proper perspective, a level 7 stand is 280K health towards total base health. That means that just that single upgrade is equal to 10 level 7 stands (half your stand total for those keeping track). It is similar to all your five warehouses at level 14 with some to spare. It is a massive change in base health, and your bubble pad will be affected soon after it is done.

Warehouse level 15 is 2 million health, so one of these can help balance that Outpost and Two should get you back to even keel. But, those are about 6 days of build time, and we cannot use our base parts for these upgrades. The level eight stands are 12 days, almost 13 days with an officer.  So, what should you do?

First thing head over to BP professor and download his new base damage calculator, or BP Unknown to gather his.

Upgrade two warehouses to level 15 ASAP

I am personally going to upgrade two warehouses to level 15 as soon as possible. I have saved my build tokens from last week and will have one to level 15 right away. If you do not have your warehouses at level 14 now, then that should be your priority as those will get you to a bubble fast. Yes. This means that you will have to put them on the entrance to be hit. But, if you have a good guard you do not want to give the attackers a bunch of opportunities to prep you out. From here you can go one of two ways depending on when you did the OP 9 upgrade.

First way – Upgrade everything that can be upgraded with base parts

Everything from Level Eight OP and lower can be done with base parts. Take the time use that Centurion fleet I recommended two weeks ago to go out and fill up on parts daily to get things going. This path will help you get your base up to par fairly quickly leaving you time to deal with the Outpost Nine stuff at your leisure.

Second – Start with Warehouses and then go to Stands

Upgrade all your warehouses as you can do a couple each week. Then, start on the turret stands with your base parts until, you get to the highest level. At that point, you can get three stands done a month if you are caught up on the Forsaken Mission prizes and get the build tokens twice a week.

Cataclysm mortar –

If you were lucky enough to get this mortar you can fit it on a level 7 stand with solar panels and one solar reinforcement armor. If you do not have these specials, you will need to wait for your level eight stands. The benefit of this turret weapon is that it can reach outside your land tiles and target those ships that are setting up with remote targeting. That will force the attacker to reposition the fleet constantly and not be able to stay in one spot long. I would not do more than Four of these turrets though as you would not want to weaken yourself too much when the lead ships come in to trigger that remote targeting.

Summary –

Plan your priorities and then make sure that Warehouses are top of the list at the beginning. After the base is starting well, you might want to consider to upgrade your base defense guard. That is the reason it is wise to try to plan your play out ahead of time and anticipate which way the game developers will take the game. If you started your centurions when I suggested it should be ready for the fourth one by this weekend in time for the new weapon and special. Just in case the new hull is too expensive, and you need a defense hull for your new base. Remember that if they do inflate the costs of the Cannoneer, we will have it at 15 million in January. At least if they keep with the last year worth of raids. And your Centurion fleet should be able to do that easily for zero coins.

I will lay out a new build for them and the Punsiher as soon as I see the new items.

Have a great week and thank ou for reading.


  1. Even before you upgrade warehouses you might want to consider upgrading the advanced lab. Advanced lab 12 is only a 3d 12h build so you get it down to 1.5 days with structure build tokens from the FM. You need Advanced lab at level 12 before you can start the 30 day research for the U-T:W transformer. Take the hits for a couple extra days to get that long research started.

    1. good point, I am still not sure if I will use those transformers. I put them out of mind, great reminder.

  2. I upgraded SY4 first. Simply as I have nothing to build while waiting for canoneer. Otherwise next free window would be somewhere in four months.

    1. I can understand that, I am not that lucky though :) I am building a fleet right now for low level players to do the mines so I am done with that and go right to Cannnoneer.

      I will do the shipyard I hope in about 2 weeks, do plan to coin 4 cannoneers as blanks.

    2. coining 4 canoneers is silly, imho.
      Building two and coining one - I can understand. You won't be able to fit them all four until next VXP event. Even building two is usually enough, counting the fact that kix will throw bunch of crap at us on next FM, though probably 3 will be better due to holidays :)

    3. I typically coin blanks and then build slow after VXP weekend. I try to get the whole fleet done by that weekend so that I can get them ranked together.

      Of course, that depends on the cost to coin I have not looked at that yet.

  3. Well the cannoneer is currently proposed to cost 40m plus a stipulation to buy the Zoe Vendetta for 50m. They have also release Zelos for 15m. Chances are in January, Zelos is going to be the 15m ship and the cannoneer becomes available for 40m and no Zoe Vendetta purchase required.

    1. I am not so sure that the Zelos will be offered after this raid. The comment when we asked about the Cannoneer is that it will be discounted from the 40 million in January and because it would around that 15 million point mark they ultimately decided a 100 million this month was not reasonable, while 40 million was.

    2. Well the thing is the price of the cannoneer for the December raid is really 90m, and you get the Zoe Vendetta as a "free" gift to go with it.

      90m is sort of like 100m.

    3. I could see that point, I would want the Zoe Vendetta myself, so I see value there. Most of those I help though will not get that far.