Monday, December 19, 2016

Raid wrap up and looking to the future

Centurion is the way forward, Cannoneer is the future and low levels need something to get to Centurion.

By Specialist_AKA_Specs

As promised I would get a build on Vindicator ready to do the current mining platforms. I think I have the build and while it is not new player friendly, it is low-level player friendly. You will need items from Tier 3 of the FM, and if you have been following this blog, you know how to go about doing that no later than level 45 (sooner if you play more than I did the test account). Everything in the Vindicator builds you can find in the Forsaken Mission, Campaigns, level 31+ Cargo, and your research lab. The build is highly specialized to do only one thing, and that is hit the current mining platforms. When we see the targets, I will know if it can do the Tier 3 targets.

Why Crossbow?

The targets for the mining bases are very susceptible to ballistic damage. The Crossbow does decent building damage, has the piercing stat of the arbalest allowing it to hit multiple buildings in a line. It can be fired now while on the move, making it far more useful than before. It is also the best weapon I could see in Tier 3 of the FM. Meaning that it is easy to obtain for those that are following the advise to prioritize the FM.

Other choices – Siege cannons, Earthshaker, Particle accelerator cannon, Arbalest, and Drac Arbalest.

Honorable mention: Squall, or Antipode launcher.

Why the Evade armor?

The ballistic guns in the target do most of the damage; the glacial type turrets only fire once by the time you get into range, and you can target them first. So, by getting evade up, you can have most of that direct damage miss you. I am not sure that I would go with another type of armor as I want to raise the evade, and I only have three special slots. You can get this armor in the shell the shore campaign prize package 2.

Why those specials?

We only have three special slots. The siege battery is the best choice at tier 3 FM, because of the 50% it grants at the R15 retrofit lab. This special will make your Radioactive resistance at around 75% and Ballistic around 50%. It also adds building damage bonus which is a huge benefit.

You need the engine and Speed System 4 is the best choice for those that get to Tier 3 in the FM.

Harden Barrels 3 is chosen mostly because I am not 100% sure you could get the best in class Nuclear Accelerator. You need the range boost to kill the stands as soon as possible.

Honorable mentions: In place of Harden Barrels 3, CL-2/CL-3 will boost your resistance and stack with the Siege battery making it more efficient. Your range will be shorter, but you will survive longer.

This is a theory build I have not tested it yet so it might be that I have to go with a different build after I test them. You will want to make sure you are ranked, and I will be putting it to test by the weekend after I get some rank on the fleet.

Centurion –

If you happened to have been successful in the raid and got the 2.65 million points, you will be able to do the nuts and bolts of this build. This build is the one I have used to get my base parts since the level 97 mining bases were released. Many will try to argue with the use of PAC, but there is a reason for this weapon above the others. It has a special ability that triggers every .3% of the time. This ability will level large sections of the platform and the more PAC you have in the fleet, the greater your chance of triggering this ability. I have witnessed a steady secondary blast almost every 10 to 15 seconds within a level 97 mining base.

Everything else in the build is just an upgrade of the information I provided for the Vindicator. The difference is that I went with more resistance and used D5-C and D5-R armor.

Cannoneer – 

I will admit that I am not 100% sure what the new siege targets will bring. But, as usual, I try to put faith in GD Raikan and the telegraphing of what we can expect. They offered the Stun armor and increased the amount we could claim this last raid. That tells me to expect something that can stun our ships in the new targets. That is the reason for the Agility system and the stun armor and the 41% stun resistance.

Why Squall over PAC?

I chose Squall for a bit of flavor, and I want an AOE damage type of weapon, and while I love my Centurion PAC fleet, I wanted to see how this weapon did in the new targets. I think that it might be a benefit to a fleet and help clear buildings out or weaken them. The range is a little short compared to the Arbalest on the ship. But, I can get into range without sacrificing much with the defenses I have.

You will notice I went with a few D33-R, the reason is that it grants a bit more ballistic resistance and I had some weight to spare. I tried to fit a PAC to get that bonus damage so often, but the weight would not allow it.

The rest of the items should make sense and if they do not please ask and I will explain why I chose what I did in this buildout.


With many questions left to be answered, the cannoneer might need a refit after we see the targets. But, I will build it out as shown and go from there. The Centurion should be ready for Tier 4 targets, and if you can get the Harlock Centurion from the level 97, mining bases might do Tier 5 once we see what we have to work with. I am concerned with the push to offer so many stun resistant armors and I might have to refit that once we get into the new raid format. The vindicator is just a theory build to help low levels move through the foundry that join the game after this last hull raid. If you got the centurion, I would build that, even with the weapons I suggest for the vindicator it will do better and allow you a hull that can be refitted in the future when you get better stuff.

All of this might be mute once we see the Ironclad and how easy that is to get. It is being billed as the tiderseeker for the January raid series. That means for those that do not like to drive, it might be the hull to get as it will auto the Tier 5 targets at least.


  1. Why would you go with vindicators instead of dreadnoughts for the current mining bases. Dreadnoughts have more defenses and more armor points than vindicators.

    1. The vindicator build goes back to a discussion we had on the forums for low-level players and doing the mines to get the Crusader blueprint. The hull mentioned was the Vindicator, so I want to use that one for the testing.

      I agree with your assessment though :)

  2. Are you sure about that build? I think the low resistance you offer will not allow you to hit tier 5 or 6 and may be even struggle at tier 4. 71% and 65% to the main sources resistance nowadays is low, and if those targets offer splash, like the actual mines those cannonners will need refits after you face the target first time.

    1. Until we see the targets we cannot know the best builds. Right now a refit of a resistance special will be fairly quick between raids, or even to do during raids if coining. Granted If we get lucky and a preview a week or two before the raid that might be enough to make the refit on the four.

      I do not plan to have more than 4 in a fleet, with Omega Lead for the boost to ballistic reload and extra resistance.

  3. From the Raid Briefing by Doom:
    "CM NOTE: The Squall Launcher is designed to be paired with the Zelos as a spotter/resistance boost. It is NOT a weapon for the Cannoneer."

  4. Nice Specs... but about the lack of CL-3 for the Cannoneer seems to reduce the resistances in an important way. A question about the speed of the Cannoneer... without an engine it still moves along smartly... you could replace the speed system with CL-3. I like the use of the stun armor yet why not use agility 4 rather than 3? I think we will have some additional information about new weapons and specials for the Cannoneer on Wednesday when we see the FM. I'm thinking about a Flagship via a TLC in January.

    1. I need to see the targets, but yes no engine might work for the CL3, I am doing blanks right now for ranking. I will not add the engine yet until I see how the targets are shaping up. Figure we will get a peek in a couple weeks and the it would be a day I think for each ship, or my tokens from weekly.

      The weight is an issue I went ag3 for that purpose.

    2. Appreciate the reply... I think the upgraded dock will handle the weight issue. I am also building blanks... but am using the nuc accelerator with thuds for VXP weekend... then we will see. Of a fleet of four at this time as I believe we will see a flagship version. Merry Christmas and thanks for what you do for us.

    3. Well remember the dock only helps with fitting more into the fleet. Shipyard helps reduce weight of the components to fit on the ship. Shipyard 4 only reduces scrouge stuff so we will not see much savings yet with that.

      you are welcome and thank you for reading.

      Merry Christmas to you too and a Happy New Year.

  5. R4 Vindicators have a 4th special. You need to do level 30 and 40 mines for that, but this 4th special goes a LONG way.

  6. I was looking at the following for the Centurion...7 PAC and 2 Crossbow 3. The crossbow 3 saved on weight and the Building Damage was just a little lower than an Arb. But I get a 7th PAC doing that.

    Armor would be 2 D5-C, 2 D2-E (To Boost Evade), and 1 Radioactive IV (instead of D5-R) for the Radioactive Deflection.

    Specials are the same as yours, except for SS5 instead of Hyd. Resist.

    I was curious as to your thoughts on this...

    1. Witout seeing the targets it is going to be hard to know if we need all that armor, or the arbalast compared to the Crossbow.

      I will say that I think your build is an excellent twist to what I have proosed. I think you might be a bit lower in the efficiency compared to having the arbalest but honestly that extra PAC might give you an extra secondary blast compared to mine at a time you need it.

      I think that your build will more than likely do Tier 4 for certain and maybe Tier 5 depending on the targets. With any luck we will get a Preview of the targets and I will get in to test the Centurion build i have posted. Once I do that I could get a better gauge on how both of our builds would do in acquiring the Cannoneer (if you wanted that) in the first raid of the series.

      I will also state that we will probably see a new cannon for the Raid format. It goes without saying that we hardly ever go without a new weapon that is geared towards the new targets to be the most efficient way of dealing with them. I know some of my guys are going without the Arbs and just 4 PAC until we see the targets and hope they can make ends meet in January.