Saturday, December 10, 2016

December Raid Preview Server review

No coin needed for Hellwraiths and Tigersharks
By Specialist_AKA_Specs

Got into the preview server this afternoon to test the new 107 target, the 105 I guess is going to be the same as last raid so what worked with that will work this raid again. The 107 was kind of interesting and had a different setup and path than the 105. This pathing and structure did not make the target more difficult; the extra cost will come from having to hit two targets to get the full bonus. I did not test the hellwraith out, but others did and here is a path from TheHolsh that allowed him to do the target with subs for almost 0 damage (Think he had 10 minutes). The tideseekers I tested came from others, and I used my current fleet makeup. The costs ranged from 7 coins to 10 coins for my testing time. I think I could have gotten that lower with more time to practice, but I ran out of time and had to go.

Hellwraith pathway – 0-coin repair

First here is TheHolsh brilliant pathing with hellwraiths that allowed him to do two coins free. Hopefully, the targets do not change much, and this works come raid time. If you mess up, it can hurt a bit. I am sure he is running a standard Hellwraith build from the last three events. If he reads this. Maybe he will feel generous share his build.

It should be noted that if you have tiger sharks you can do the same thing here just mind your timers and go to town. Much like the 105, the path for the hellwraith will work for TigerSharks allowing more people to do the elite targets for the bonus points and seat time.

Harlock Tideseeker and Tideseeker

If you happen to have the Harlock Tideseeker you can auto the targets. This method will be ideal for those without access to the net from a PC or Laptop, and they only have a phone or Ipad to play. The costs for me to auto was between 7 coins and ten coins, and I think that can come down with some changes to my build, or the builds I used from Dragon_Bane. He sent me three to test, and I wanted to make sure I did that for him as he was unable to get into the preview today.

The best setup was with the Mayhem torpedo. That weapon was as reliable as the Calamity and with the splash it had if the reavers grouped well you could kill more than one at a time. It was a stunning experience. The video has all the builds that I used so; please view it and get an idea of how the Tideseeker performs.

The first video is of my current build, driving and I think it was just over 4.5 hours and I hit like a newbie crashing into everything I could. After that, I got into Dragon_Banes builds and tried to do the targets on auto. I never failed in a single target with any build I tried and all were done in a single hit and about 4 to 5 minutes.

Have a great weekend, and I would not worry so much about refitting your fleets. Everything that had worked last month worked this month in the new elite targets. We just need a prize list now and hopefully we can get something soon.

My build

Three of these normal tide seeker

One of this normal tide seeker

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